Tuesday, June 1, 2010


...i've been there before. it was as sweet as is sounds contentment -something that so many strive for but come up short. i am one of the few...yet still not there

in the last 6 months, i've experienced a lot of amazing things. i got to move back home to family and a city i love, i started chiropractic school which is a huge passion of mine, i've finally found decent sushi in kc, and i've reached contentment.

in past years i have come really close to complete contentment but never fully embraced it. a couple months ago, i found what i was looking for. sweet contentment. for the longest time i've wanted to be a husband and a father...still waiting for that...people would tell me that i'll meet my wife when i least expect it, or whenever i'm content. lies!! the truth is that contentment isn't some sort of magical potion that unlocks all of our heart's desires. as if once we reach it there will be this cloud of smoke and out of that cloud walks our soul mate. bologna! I never understood why bologna is pronounced baloney. the Lord will provide a mate if He wants to! whenever and where ever. it doesn't matter if i'm basking in contentment or in the depth of sin. God can and will do whatever wants...cause He is God!! Romans 9....the clay has no control over the potter's hands...

so at this very moment, i'm not content. yes, i'm happy with life in general, but my heart longs for a wife. someone to do life with. it's kind of a crappy place to be.

so what's the point of contentment you might ask? ....well, Godly contentment is a treasure. it is complete surrender and dependence on God, who will never let us down. contentment is accepting our circumstances and giving our whole heart, passion, and desires to Him. the things of this world will be here today, but gone tomorrow. The love of our Father is here for eternity. contentment says: "i'm solely driven by one thing, and that thing is the God of issac. nothing else will have dominion over my life."

like i said, i was once there. it brought on a great amount of peace and love for Jesus, and towards others. i plan on getting back to that place...

...but i'm not there yet

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